Crazy Delivery Stories

A single-player taxi simulation, you are required to deliver passengers to their destination at a fast tempo, not only that you will be prevented by other drivers who also participate in the city, this game is specially designed for mobile devices!

Amazing bikes skin!

Unique Bikes Skins

You can customize your bike like you wanted, from old bikes until a new bikes that you can choose.

Rad! Driver Skin!

Cool Driver Skins

Use a variant driver skin to look cool, look different than another player, and make your driver more appealing.

Huge Maps!

Maps you can explore

You can explore and get more passengers, with a big maps that we design, it feels the games more huge.

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We’ve created our games with tears and bloods.


Blitzky is a fortress defense game for mobile, the war between animal that defense their forest and human who hunt the animal.


BLAR is a hill climb games or racing adventure, make your adventure more extreme with a unique freestyle that included in the game.

Jewel of Samudra

Jewel of Samudra is a match-3-game, inspired by indonesia mythologies nyai-roro-kidul, Jewel Samudra itself has a simple stories in the games.


Loorush! Is a arcade leveled-runner gravity game that neo-scifi themed, inspired by a hoverboarder or back to the future movie.

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It’s cool and best for playing with friends
“Yash Padval”

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Amazing Art

Create art that you desire to make, what we can do is making from concept into become a 2D/3D Assets.

Mobile optimized

Improved Mobile optimized games, you can feel more comfortable with a high FPS in the games.

Market Analytics

We can provide and help you to find a good market for your games, and make your games become known.

Develop Faster

With a best workers that can help develop your games more faster, we can provide a teams that you need.

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