Monstra Balls: Bubble Shooter is the first casual based game by Satriver Studio releases in 2019 that carried the mechanics of bubble shooter game type. The game will be bringing back our childhood memories. The arts will be spoils the player who missed the bubble shooter game type with an attractive and unique style. Heres the following of some interesting features:

  • The power-up that quite much.
  • Has 100 level on every different map
  • Varied and unique characters

Monstra Balls itself is a story from the Universe of Monstra, which is part of Satriver Universe (Satriverse). The CrocoChill here as a green brat monster who gets caught by Scientists and trapped in research laboratories. CrocoChill strongly desires to be free, and for that, the player should help out the CrocoChill for escape and going back to the Universe of Monstra.