Last Gun: Shooting action is the second game from Satriver Studio releases in 2020 with the action genre. Sidescroller shoots view and a challenging mission that the player should survive with basics weapons for defeating the unlimited enemies.

The main mission of this game is to defeat the enemies with weapons such as a handgun, gun, etc. The player can get the other weapons by the shop/store in the game. The player here is thugs with elite army abilities.

Last Gun is an unusual sidescroller game type it has an interesting mission that challenging the player. Here is following the features:

  • Varied characters
  • Varied Weapons
  • Power up

The war started when an authority elected going hectic and the player here should be defeating the enemies, the main villain here is the Political mafia who gives the command of his goons to kidnap some friends of the thugs/player from Gang V fort. The player will be got basics weapons to helping out the player during the wars, to switch or change the weapons player can check it on the weapons shop.