Last Gun: Shooter action the second game from Satriver Studio that releases in 2020 with the action genre. It has a side scroller view and a unique art style with various missions that will challenge the player. Every level has its difficulties. The unlimited enemies and variant of weapons will drive the player into an incredible experience they never taught.

The major mission that players must do is defeat all of the enemies by the weapons that have a lot of variants such as handguns, guns, and many more. There a lot of weapons that players can use by purchasing them on the weapon shop, sometimes it gets a special package and free stuff there.

Kind of the enemies that player should defeat its thugs with elite army abilities. The war here begins when an authority elected went hectic because a Politic Mafia’s frauding the election. Knowing that the elected going unfair, thugs from gg V want to against the Politic Mafia but unfortunately, the enemies knowing their plans and kidnapping one of their friends. The player here is a member of thugs from gg V which means that players should against the enemies and finishing all of the missions there. In addition, here is the following feature that players can access:

  • Varied characters
  • Varied Weapons
  • Power up from in-game characters

In addition, the development of the Last Gun still going on and on. For any updates and any good news still, keep in touch with us here! Don’t forget to follow us on our official account social media! You may see it in the headlines of our websites.